Training and Mentorship

Learn and develop your expertise in social media

Social Media is ever-changing, with new features and insights added every day by big platforms such as Facebook. I work with businesses and clients to provide an environment of learning and practical application.Social media is one of the best ways to allow brands and people to communicate authentically and we firmly believe it’s not that complicated. Let us help you understand how this media will work for you.

I run a range of workshops and mentorship programmes with the aim of keeping you up-to-date whilst also learning from others’ experiences. Some key topics are:

  • Building a social media profile on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter,
  • Developing a page posting strategy,
  • Promoting your business through Facebook advertising,
  • Understanding the ‘Big Data’ that social media can offer,
  • Website and Mobile integration strategising,
  • Understanding privacy issues and dealing with social media crises.



This is great for those people who wish to manage their own social media, and need help getting started or staying up-to-date. Contact me for more details.

Business person standing against the blackboard with a lot of da

Get Started – From $800 + GST

  • Initial stage consultation and strategy advice about your social media presence.
  • Hands on training online for an hour and a half.

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