Social Media Strategy

Social Media is a valuable tool to fulfill a range of business objectives.

Like all great tools though, it needs to be leveraged correctly. That’s why Grow Social really believes that developing a strategy early on for customers is vital.

I work with businesses to understand their core business objectives. I eat, breathe and sleep social, and so I see the breadth of business objectives that social media can achieve:

▪   Reach a particular target audience – The ability to target people based on their location, interests and demographics is a powerful tool to help you reach your customer.

▪   Expand into new markets – Social Media is excellent for exporters who wish to promote their products to international markets.

▪   Build communities and manage CRM – We’ll help provide you with the ability to retain and engage with customers, influence their friends and seek out potential new customers.

▪   Develop brand & product awareness – Promote your messages to people whilst they are in ‘discovery’ mode on their favourite social media platforms.

▪   Develop new products – Gain market insight from your community to develop and enhance your products.

▪   Customer feedback – A cost-effective way to  regularly gauge your business’ performance and/or products directly from your customers.

▪   Driving incremental sales – Acquire new sales that traditional media can’t detect by thorough tracking data.

▪   Offers and competitions – Easily reward existing customers and encourage potential customers with deals, offers and treats.

Contact me to build the right strategy for you.

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