How to Videos

How to Schedule a Page Post on Facebook

If you are a busy small business, then I recommend you plan your posting out so that you aren’t chained to your desk and promote your business at the best time for your audience.  You can technically do this with the Schedule Post feature on Facebook.  If you haven’t seen it, then check out my short 2.44min video.

How to set up a Page Post with a Link

Check out this short video on how to set up a page post with a link off to another website.  This is perfect for those of you
– with products you wish to sell through your site,
– blogs you wish to promote
– third party articles you think sum up your message well, and
– when you don’t have copyrights to images.

Providing Advertiser Access to Ad Account

Short video to show you how to allow my agency account to have access to your advertiser account.  This will allow me to run the ads for you through your account – allowing you to keep an eye on what campaigns I have active and to allow you to control the media spend.

Excluding your Page Like community from your Facebook Ads


Are your Facebook fans complaining of seeing your ads too often? Then excluding them from your targeting is a good option. Especially if you are running page like ads and some posts.

If you are starting out with Facebook Ads, then chances are you have trialled the “Boost Post” user flow. However, this option has targeting limitations. I’ll show you how to use the Facebook Ads Manager to edit the targeting.

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