How to Design A Facebook Ad That Meets Your Goals

Facebook advertising can be confusing as the formats all look different, they keep changing and they all serve different purposes. Add the auction model into the mix with its range of bidding structures, and Facebook advertising unnerves even the experienced digital marketer.

In the last year, Facebook has made changes to channel small businesses through a purchase process based on their objectives. This goes a long way to get started, but understanding how to design your creative per format will improve your results.

Although there are a range of ad formats, the below three are your best starting point.


Grow Social Page Like

Objective: Build your Facebook community
Results to aim for: Page Likes
Bidding structure: OCPM – (system sets this for you)
Metrics to focus on: Cost per like
Specifications: click here
Best Practices:

Imagery – Use a landscape image with less than 20% text – the ad is small so don’t clutter it with copy that will get shrunk down on mobile and is therefore barely readable.  Use an image that visually describes your services or products. Use bold colours to attract attention.

Copy – Succinctly describe your offering – focus on the benefits of your business. Tell them why they should like the page – why would they want to keep hearing from you.

Targeting – Try different creatives per audience.  Females may want to like your page for different reasons than males. Tailor the imagery and colours for audience pockets to learn what works. Run on mobile and desktop – usually mobile delivers the best results.



Facebook engagement ad

Objective: Build awareness of your brand, product and services
Results to aim for: You want more people to see your post and you want people to like, comment or share it.
Bidding structure: OCPM – optimise towards actions.
Metrics to focus on: Reach, Cost per actions
Specifications: click here
Best Practices:

Copy – Use conversational language to tell people why your business will make their lives better. Keep copy close to 120 characters as the post will truncate long posts. Ask users rhetorical questions to get them thinking – keep open ended to encourage them to comment.

Targeting – Only target people that are within your target audience – a mass audience will get annoyed with an ad in their newsfeed if its not relevant. Always run these ads in the news feed position for best results.

Always include an image, video or Link that pulls in an image – to maximise the available real estate:

  • Imagery (1200×1200 pixels) – Include a hi res image, ideally landscape, with less than 20% text.
  • Video – Facebook Video is the best quality and is stored on the page for the community to look at later. However, YouTube videos offer excellent reporting and works well for SEO.  Choose whats most important to you.
  • Link (website URL address) – Great to showcase articles and products on e-commerce sites. Ensure it pulls through an image held on the website and if it doesn’t then upload an image.



Grow Social Blog Ad

Objective: Drive people to a website to purchase
Results to aim for: Clicks and website traffic.
Bidding structure: CPC, CTR
Metrics to focus on: cost per click,
Specifications: click here
Best Practices:

Imagery – tell a story with the imagery and attract peoples attention with strong colour. Infographics and images that come from a camera work well on Facebook to attract the eye.

Copy – Calls to action, discounts and offers are all great ways to increase the number of people who will click on the ad.

Shortened URLs – Although the image area is clickable, many users like to see a URL that they can click on. A shortened URL allows you to track the number of people who clicked.

Landing pages – when people click on your ad, where are you sending them? does it work on mobile and desktop? Make sure you send people to a page on your site that answers all their initial questions and then lets them take the action you want – to buy? to enquire?

Confused? That’s what I’m here for. Contact me to provide you with professional advice to grow your business with social media.

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