Trial new Social Media without drowning

How to Take The Plunge on New Social Media Platforms – Without Drowning!

Feeling brave and innovative lately, but unsure if it’s worth trialing a new social media platform? It’s a constant, that new social media platforms will crop up, but how do you evaluate whether its worth adopting? Assigning energy and resources to something new and unlikely to see a return in the near future is risky.

This month I want to encourage you to trial the new platforms you and your teams discover.

There are a five ways to make this worth your while and avoid rattling the rest of your organisation with worry of the consequences:

1. Determine what success looks like for your organisation: Are you chasing a new community? Will this require less people & time to manage the community? Is there a big sales opportunity? Whatever you are after really consider this and decide if its worth pursuing. At this stage its worth being realistic of your goals. Most social media sites don’t easily prove themselves as good sales channels, however they are good at showing soft metrics such as likes, comments and shares. Before jumping in, its worth understanding what metrics you will be able to gain from being part of this new social media network.


2. Who is going to do what?: Make sure you know who in your team or maybe customer service team will do what and when. Its ok to set a 24 hour response time, but let people know that in your information area.


3. Prepare for the worst: Prepare all key stakeholders who normally liase with customers and media to be ready. These people are the ones on the front-line and often know how people will respond to things. They are usually the first to hear public opinion so definitely worth involving them.


4. Replicate what your doing or take a fresh approach?: Some platforms will allow you to use the same marketing assets from other places, be it images, copy, video or website links. However, it may be worth trialling something completely new and seeing if this new approach is beneficial in reaching your targets. Being flexible with your strategy is key to finding a sweet spot, so be prepared to shift with things.


5. Have fun!: Enjoy the challenge of social media and give yourself time to keep innovating. Keep testing, keep trying new things and keep learning.



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Instagram seems to still exude some cool factor too – something its older sibling Facebook is struggling with. It’s also not polluted with ugly spammy messages that can weigh down Twitter. And it’s big enough that it can enjoy some fame for some pretty amazing results.


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Explaining your offering online requires you to be succinct, direct and searchable.

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There are so many options available with marketing, that so many of my clients get overwhelmed! Today I thought I’d offer some tips as to how to integrate your social media marketing in with your other marketing channels.

Often this is very dependent on what type of business you are, your budget and your goals, but today I’m going to answer based on a few assumptions: a) Budget is very limited, b) Your a business aiming for local customers, c) the focus is on acquiring more customers and retaining the ones they have.

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3 Free Tools to improve your Social Media

Every so often a client asks me what tools I use to manage multiple social media accounts. It’s always a tricky thing to juggle the time and resource needed for social media marketing. What surprises most of them is that some of the main tools I use are free – well at least until you start needed to run high volumn campaigns.

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How To Run a Winning Facebook Competition

Competitions are great ways to build buzz and excitement around your offering, however they can be fraught with difficulties.  The key to running a successful competition is prioritising your objectives.

Facebook in recent years altered their rules on competitions, to make it easier and affordable for businesses to drive engagement for their organisations. In the past the policy required a brand to create an application tab however, the policy now allows a competition to run on a page post.  People who see the post, can enter by hitting ‘like’ and/or ‘comment’.
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Is LinkedIn overwhelming you? Unsure if it’s worth updating that profile? Will anyone even look at LinkedIn over your CV? Yes! Yes and Yes!

LinkedIn have made so many improvements in recent years, that many people are feeling overwhelmed! However, the changes have all been for the better and are leading to more recruiters and employers adopting the technology as a strong part of their recruitment process. With so many great jobs now listed, short attention span with CVs and the power of referrals becoming more powerful, an updated LinkedIn profile has become a must.

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