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How To Run a Winning Facebook Competition

How To Run a Winning Facebook Competition

Competitions are great ways to build buzz and excitement around your offering, however they can be fraught with difficulties.  The key to running a successful competition is prioritising your objectives.

Facebook in recent years altered their rules on competitions, to make it easier and affordable for businesses to drive engagement for their organisations. In the past the policy required a brand to create an application tab however, the policy now allows a competition to run on a page post.  People who see the post, can enter by hitting ‘like’ and/or ‘comment’.

NOTE: Sharing isn’t allowed, as Facebook don’t want entrants to be encouraged to spam all their friends.

I’d recommend you run small competitions off a page post now and invest in promoting that post through Facebook advertising to reach the key group of people that you want to target.  There are several reasons for this:

  • More entrants – people are usually comfortable with liking and commenting.
  • Increased Virality – When people enter, their answer in the comment field will be shown to approx 5% of their friend base in their news feed. This means your message will spread to 5% of your entrants friend base.
  • Exclude competition hunters easier - require the entrant to comment on something related to the brand to encourage the right type of person to enter, rather than general competition hunters. e.g.: Local Ice Cream shop should say, “Tell us what your favourite branded ice cream is?” and go in the draw to win XXXX.
  • Low cost – Posting on a page is free, and all advertising on Facebook to promote that post is cost-efficient to get in-front on your ideal customer and let people know about your business.

Kapiti Facebook Competition

Some key components to think about when you are creating your post that will act as the main place for your competition:

  1. What legal requirements are involved: Competitions have to adhere to your local legal requirements. Make sure you have a privacy policy on how you will manage entrants personal details and terms and conditions. These terms should include specifics on the draw date, what the prize includes (and what it doesn’t eg: flights to the concert). You won’t want to include these long legal details on the post, so house them on your website, and point off to them with a URL.
  2. Be clear what the prize is and if possible include a picture. Choose a prize that is related to your business as you want to avoid those worthless competition hunters who just want an ipad.
  3. Specify the draw date and how the person will be notified: Make it clear the time of day you will close the competition and when you will notify the winner. Advise how you will inform them (remember some users lock their privacy settings down, so you won’t necessarily get their contact details) and prepare a cut-off if they don’t respond and collect.


You can still build application tabs where you wish to get user participation, such as videos and photos.  Also where you wish to build a database of emails, application tabs are ideal to place a form.

Confused? That’s what I’m here for. Contact me to provide you with professional advice to help you grow your business.

3 Easy to do Facebook Posting Tips

3 Easy-to-do Ways to Make Your Facebook Posting Even Better!

There are so many tools available to Facebook Page Managers that often the simplest are over looked. Having a few technical skills up your sleeves to improve the reach of your posts and engagement is always useful. You don’t need to be a developer to do these.

Take a look at my top three ways to schedule, edit and share post.

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How to Create the Ideal Facebook Page Post

Anatomy Of The Ideal Facebook Post

In the competitive world of the Facebook newsfeed, capturing your community’s attention and driving engagement can be a real challenge. Your community has already put their hand up to say they want to hear from you, but they can prove fickled if you don’t showcase your offering in the right way.

Setting a post up on your Facebook page has been designed to be ‘easy’ technically. However, too often I see page owners miss an opportunity when they don’t include basic information that would allow their post to be more memorable, encourage community engagement and get more sales.

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Content Reposting

Learn to Reshape Your Content For Each Social Media Channel

Often I’m asked what content do I need to create for each social media channel? For small businesses with limited resources, I always advocate keeping it simple but consistent.

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What Facebook Data To Focus On

What Matters Most With Your Facebook Page Insights

The Facebook Page Insight tool holds a wealth of data to spend hours trawling through and comparing past results with current. Understanding your community and how your messages spread will help you to create posts that are not only engaging but profitable. Focusing on certain key metrics and constantly evaluating these are the building blocks to achieve this.

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Content Plan July 2014

5 Ways To Turn ‘Tea Chats’ Into Online Engagement

What do you tell your customers over a cup of tea? Do you have a lot to say? Do you have nothing to say? With the advancement of the digital economy, many businesses don’t know how to tell their stories like they use to.

Content Plans are a great way to get those key communication messages out into the digital sphere. They can take a bit of time to prepare, but are easier and more effective to do at once, than trying to brainstorm ideas sporadically.

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Social Media Marketing for Business

Master your timing on Facebook today

‘What’s the best time to post on Facebook?’ Asks EVERY page admin.  As if there is a perfect fifteen minute window when all billion+ users login and eagerly wait for posts to come at them!  This wouldn’t work for anyone though, as no one has the time to sift through that much information. The good news is that choosing the perfect time to post doesn’t need an engineering degree, as it can be solved with basic planning.

The reason why this question of timing has become so important, is that much of our social media marketing efforts rely on organic reach – this is the number of people that Facebook’s algorithm chooses to show your content to for free. However, as Facebook becomes more commercial, timing is no longer the primary driver to get this organic reach, engagement is.  Engagement is the number of likes, comments, shares and so forth that your current and previous posts have gained.

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