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Content Reposting

Learn to Reshape Your Content For Each Social Media Channel

Often I’m asked what content do I need to create for each social media channel? For small businesses with limited resources, I always advocate keeping it simple but consistent.

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What Facebook Data To Focus On

What Matters Most With Your Facebook Page Insights

The Facebook Page Insight tool holds a wealth of data to spend hours trawling through and comparing past results with current. Understanding your community and how your messages spread will help you to create posts that are not only engaging but profitable. Focusing on certain key metrics and constantly evaluating these are the building blocks to achieve this.

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Content Plan July 2014

5 Ways To Turn ‘Tea Chats’ Into Online Engagement

What do you tell your customers over a cup of tea? Do you have a lot to say? Do you have nothing to say? With the advancement of the digital economy, many businesses don’t know how to tell their stories like they use to.

Content Plans are a great way to get those key communication messages out into the digital sphere. They can take a bit of time to prepare, but are easier and more effective to do at once, than trying to brainstorm ideas sporadically.

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Social Media Marketing for Business

Master your timing on Facebook today

‘What’s the best time to post on Facebook?’ Asks EVERY page admin.  As if there is a perfect fifteen minute window when all billion+ users login and eagerly wait for posts to come at them!  This wouldn’t work for anyone though, as no one has the time to sift through that much information. The good news is that choosing the perfect time to post doesn’t need an engineering degree, as it can be solved with basic planning.

The reason why this question of timing has become so important, is that much of our social media marketing efforts rely on organic reach – this is the number of people that Facebook’s algorithm chooses to show your content to for free. However, as Facebook becomes more commercial, timing is no longer the primary driver to get this organic reach, engagement is.  Engagement is the number of likes, comments, shares and so forth that your current and previous posts have gained.

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Have Loyal Customers? Then Why Aren’t You Doing More With Them?

You’ve been delivering outstanding service and quality products for some time now.  Your customers love you, they tell their friends and those referrals generate many of your sales leads. But why are you stopping there? Why not capture all those great testimonials and allow those happy customers to influence more of their friends on a grander scale?

Social Media allows us to take our offline experiences and bring them online – only its now word-of-mouth at a scale never seen before.  We build our profiles with a collection of connections to collegues, family, friends from university, people we met on that trip to Thailand and often our exes!  This collection of people is global, mobile, diverse in age, education and profession.  They post experiences, ideas and memes, with the touch of a click. This information sharing process is powerful for any business that can get a mention and enjoy the ripple it creates across the networks. Click to read more….


No more puppies, kittens and cake!

I love cake and small animals like the next person, but it has very limited scope for brands when they are marketing themselves.  99% of the time, these furry feline and decadent sugary mixes have nothing to do with a brand or its products. So why do so many Facebook Brand Pages continue to post these little cuties?

The main reason is to lift engagement via likes, comments and shares, in the ongoing battle against the Facebook news feed algorithm.   Its only a matter of time before Facebook cracks down on this distortion.  Facebook recently published data from July 2013, to show that the average user has 1,500 potential stories eligible for their news feed, with only 300 of those ever shown.  Facebook is therefore keen on keeping their news feed engaging and useful to each of its 1 billion+ users. Click to read more….


Why facebook got it right, when they limited text on page post ads.

I hear the curses across the office as facebook rejects yet another ad breaching its ‘25% rule’ for page post images. I know the pain of having to go back to the client with revisions. But that’s where my sympathy ends, because as marketers I know we need to tell our stories through imagery and not LOUD OBNOXIOUS text.

The visual web is something that has rapidly emerged with the growth in social media. As time becomes more precious in our day, we scan our eyes over numerous documents and articles throughout the day. Our mind is constantly working to make information memorable for us and it uses that visual sensor to do this. Click to read more….