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Social Media Images

Easily Make Your Social Media Memorable with Branded Imagery

As humans we love to use imagery to learn, understand and relate to one another. We are seeing creatures, who enjoy stories through visual mechanisms – every year we spend billions on movies, theatre, opera and magazines.  As our days get busier and our lives consumed with information, we turn towards the visuals to absorb a message quicker and with more ease. 

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What Facebook Data To Focus On

What Matters Most With Your Facebook Page Insights

The Facebook Page Insight tool holds a wealth of data to spend hours trawling through and comparing past results with current. Understanding your community and how your messages spread will help you to create posts that are not only engaging but profitable. Focusing on certain key metrics and constantly evaluating these are the building blocks to achieve this.

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Facebook Advertising Benefits

How to Grow a Business with Facebook Advertising

Advertising is seen as a dirty word amongst many in the social media community.  It’s seen as an evil cloud that lurks around undermining the value of engagement, sharing and influence.  One Social Media Expert I met recently declared it as a form of ‘shouting’. However I’ve seen it implemented well, so I know that when a clever content marketer publishes a relevant and interesting post, amplifying it through Facebook ads is a no brainer.  

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5 Reasons To Connect on LinkedIn, When You’re Not Looking For A Job

Does it rattle you that strangers are inviting you to connect on LinkedIn?

You’re not alone. I’ve been asked by a few shy newbies on LinkedIn, why they should “connect” with others? It seems to be the equivalent to walking into a room full of strangers for them, and they want to understand the etiquette of networking online.

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Old Typewriter With Books Retro Colors On The Desk

Stop Being Humble and Start Telling Your Story

New Zealander’s are far too humble with the descriptions of ourselves. As our reliance on the digital economy grows, so does the need to build a strong online brand identity – therefore, we need to adapt and promote our talents better!  Our international counter-parts are bold and brave at showcasing their skills, experience and achievements, however our country which produces some incredible talent, shy’s away from publishing these accolades.

Why are we so afraid to share our stories online?
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Have Loyal Customers? Then Why Aren’t You Doing More With Them?

You’ve been delivering outstanding service and quality products for some time now.  Your customers love you, they tell their friends and those referrals generate many of your sales leads. But why are you stopping there? Why not capture all those great testimonials and allow those happy customers to influence more of their friends on a grander scale?

Social Media allows us to take our offline experiences and bring them online – only its now word-of-mouth at a scale never seen before.  We build our profiles with a collection of connections to collegues, family, friends from university, people we met on that trip to Thailand and often our exes!  This collection of people is global, mobile, diverse in age, education and profession.  They post experiences, ideas and memes, with the touch of a click. This information sharing process is powerful for any business that can get a mention and enjoy the ripple it creates across the networks. Click to read more….


How Can We Get More Businesses Leveraging Facebooks’ Reach?

Traditional media like TV, Radio and Newspapers have been the main way to get infront on New Zealander’s in the past. Now with Facebook reaching over 2.5 million New Zealander’s monthly and 1.8 million of those logging in every day, these traditional media outlets face stiff competition.

The figures are high for Facebook usage and depict an active audience who return regularly to spend countless hours on the site. Although ‘time of day’ isn’t reported, the mobile figures suggest people are constantly using the site throughout the day – 86% of smartphones in New Zealand access this social media platform every month. click to read more….