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Trial new Social Media without drowning

How to Take The Plunge on New Social Media Platforms – Without Drowning!

Feeling brave and innovative lately, but unsure if it’s worth trialing a new social media platform? It’s a constant, that new social media platforms will crop up, but how do you evaluate whether its worth adopting? Assigning energy and resources to something new and unlikely to see a return in the near future is risky.

This month I want to encourage you to trial the new platforms you and your teams discover.

There are a five ways to make this worth your while and avoid rattling the rest of your organisation with worry of the consequences:

1. Determine what success looks like for your organisation: Are you chasing a new community? Will this require less people & time to manage the community? Is there a big sales opportunity? Whatever you are after really consider this and decide if its worth pursuing. At this stage its worth being realistic of your goals. Most social media sites don’t easily prove themselves as good sales channels, however they are good at showing soft metrics such as likes, comments and shares. Before jumping in, its worth understanding what metrics you will be able to gain from being part of this new social media network.


2. Who is going to do what?: Make sure you know who in your team or maybe customer service team will do what and when. Its ok to set a 24 hour response time, but let people know that in your information area.


3. Prepare for the worst: Prepare all key stakeholders who normally liase with customers and media to be ready. These people are the ones on the front-line and often know how people will respond to things. They are usually the first to hear public opinion so definitely worth involving them.


4. Replicate what your doing or take a fresh approach?: Some platforms will allow you to use the same marketing assets from other places, be it images, copy, video or website links. However, it may be worth trialling something completely new and seeing if this new approach is beneficial in reaching your targets. Being flexible with your strategy is key to finding a sweet spot, so be prepared to shift with things.


5. Have fun!: Enjoy the challenge of social media and give yourself time to keep innovating. Keep testing, keep trying new things and keep learning.



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Grow Social - Guest Blogging

Top 5 Tips for Guest Posting

A great way to gain exposure for your business, is to partner with other firms to showcase your expertise.

Guest posts work for both sides; by introducing specialists, the owner provides their community, access to information all in one place. For the author it provides access to a new audience. With all the benefits on offer, how do you get the most out of being a guest post?

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Is Organic Reach becoming rarer than UFO

Is Chasing Organic Reach Like Searching Our Skies for UFOs?

As Social Marketing evolves in Australia and New Zealand, it’s interesting to see where brands have chosen to focus their attention and resources. More and more I’m finding the budgets are aligning to marketing and/or PR departments to achieve organic reach and page likes.

Is chasing Organic Reach futile? Is there more chance of finding an Alien wandering through the city centre?

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Finding the humans in the data

Can You Find The Human in Your Social Media Figures?

Social Media Marketing is like all digital channels in that with so many actions taking place, we believe that so much is tracked and measured – but can all that data be trusted?

There is also a bigger question that is being asked more frequently by marketers in big brands and agencies – Was my ad seen by a real person who fits my target audience, in a brand safe environment?

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Instagram StoryTelling

Get hooked on Instagram

I was asked the other day what my favourite social network is at the moment to plan for? Hands down its Instagram. I love it for its creative space, its growing engagement and its entertainment factor.

Instagram seems to still exude some cool factor too – something its older sibling Facebook is struggling with. It’s also not polluted with ugly spammy messages that can weigh down Twitter. And it’s big enough that it can enjoy some fame for some pretty amazing results.


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Social Media five senses

Use the Five Senses to Build your Community

Trying to build a community of active, engaged customers?

It’s the challenge that so many businesses and government bodies are trying to do when they launch into social media. I find myself answering this question constantly, as many start to understand the technical possibilities that social media platforms can provide. My suggestion is to keep is simple, and

Let your community see, speak, smell, feel and listen to your business.

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Grow Social - creating keywords

Choosing your keywords wisely for social media

Communicating online can be a challenge, now that much of the discovery process is through search engines and social media technology. Telling stories about your offering and business is important, but digital also demands you choose your words wisely.

Explaining your offering online requires you to be succinct, direct and searchable.

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