Kimberley Hollis

Let me show you the value of social media and navigate you through the process of communicating with your audience online.

I’ve worked for a decade in digital marketing with a wealth of experience of both large brands and small business startups – working for Facebook for several years in the UK, and on LinkedIn and MySpace in Australia whilst they were both at infancy stages.

I enjoy working with businesses to promote their exciting offering out to this digital audience.

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Learn to Reshape Your Content For Each Social Media Channel

Often I’m asked what content do I need to create for each social media channel? For small businesses with limited resources, I always advocate keeping it simple but consistent.

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Easily Make Your Social Media Memorable with Branded Imagery

As humans we love to use imagery to learn, understand and relate to one another. We are seeing creatures, who enjoy stories through visual mechanisms – every year we spend billions on movies, theatre, opera and magazines.  As our days get busier and our lives consumed with information, we turn towards the visuals to absorb a message quicker and with more ease.

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Why Social Media User Data is More Valuable Than Ever

With so many people using social media now, accessing data in those profiles is highly valuable for those brands who understand who their ideal audience is and are prepared to build ongoing interactions with those users. Most brands are still unsure on how to leverage this data and still judge its value based on the misconception that “only their teenagers use Facebook”. Times are changing though, and being able to understand your customers and their behaviour better is more valuable than ever.

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What Matters Most With Your Facebook Page Insights

The Facebook Page Insight tool holds a wealth of data to spend hours trawling through and comparing past results with current. Understanding your community and how your messages spread will help you to create posts that are not only engaging but profitable. Focusing on certain key metrics and constantly evaluating these are the building blocks to achieve this.

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